Societal Critiques

As an international artist, Piech’s societal critiques are a commentary on the lack of empathy and the rampant corruption of power that leads to disparities of wealth, rights, and ecological balance on a global scale. 


Warnings of War

The prevalent fear of nuclear war in the 1980s fueled many of Piech’s works. Since the 1980s, the world’s massive stores of nuclear armaments have decreased, but the threat they pose to the world remains.  With these prints, Piech warns us against the devastating consequences of war, nuclear or otherwise.


Reminders of Humanity

Piech’s critiques and warnings do not come without reminders that we are all one humankind—that empathy and love are integral components of a just and fair society, locally and globally. 


Call to Arms

Piech knew that critiques, warnings, and reminders alone do not lead to meaningful change; thus, many of his prints act as a call to arms.  Piech often evokes the words of leaders of human rights, justice, and peace to inspire action.

Exhibition Themes